Privacy Policy

In accordance with its Privacy obligations at law, FairCare Alliance:

  • will collect personal and confidential information as part of providing assistance to you, and to inform you of our other services and support to you in the future;
  • will take all reasonable steps to ensure all personal and confidential information is accurate, safe and secure;
  • may in the course of conducting the effective internal management of FairCare, permit third party professionals to come into contact with personal information, e.g. company auditors and IT support, but you can rest assured that all these providers are bound by confidentiality agreements and will take privacy as seriously as us;
  •  use international cloud computing services to safely store e-mails, documents and information (including personal and confidential data) with data encrypted and high security measures adopted, and having obtained assurances that these providers comply with the Privacy Act 1988;
  • will take all reasonable steps to protect personal and confidential information from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure;
  • will comply with obligations under the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme under Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1998;
  • may in the course of conducting the effective internal management of our business, permit access to personal information by employees and volunteers of FairCare.

Our Vision

Fair and coordinated support for Victorians harmed in the healthcare system.