Our Mission

It’s challenging to come to terms with a healthcare injury while trying to recover, grieve and understand what happened. Navigating the complaint and compensation systems without adequate support is even more stressful.

FairCare aims to reduce that burden with targeted support and reform. The following constitutes the cornerstone of our strategy.

Our Vision

Fair and coordinated support for Victorians harmed in the healthcare system.

FairCare: How it started...

Watch this video to discover Vickie's story and the nucleus behind how FairCare started.


FairCare Strategy

AIM 1:

Build a Community

AIM 2:

Improve Public Awarenesss

AIM 3:

Support and Advocacy

AIM 4:

System Reform

Aim 1 : Build our community

Work with leaders and organisations with the knowledge, resources or influence to improve the health and legal pathways for injured patients and their families.

Provide a safe, positive support group for Victorians affected by healthcare treatment injury or death, that:

Aim 2 : Improve public awareness and information


Promote better understanding of the impact of medical treatment injury or death on injured patients and their families.


Campaign for research into the experiences and needs of injured patients.


Eradicate the stigma experienced by injured patients and their legal representatives, who make a complaint or seek to access compensation for financial loss or future treatment.


Call on Australian governments to improve public reporting of healthcare complications, adverse clinical events, and medical negligence claims data (ceased in 2015).

Aim 3 : Support and Advocacy


A private, on-line Facebook support group for members to connect, share experiences and information.


Work with partner organisations to arrange subsidised psychological support, financial counselling, and free legal aid and advocacy.


Peer support and information to help individuals:

  • understand the Victorian Healthcare system in relation to medical injury,
  • access appropriate medical, legal and social support services,
  • navigate the Victorian complaints process, and
  • navigate the medical negligence compensation system.

Aim 4 : Reform

  • FairCare calls for:

Need support?

If you have been injured by healthcare provided in Victoria, or are a carer or surviving family member, join our private Facebook support group.