Financial Counselling

Finding the right financial advice can feel daunting, but it need not be.

The financial impact of suffering a serious healthcare injury can be significant. The added burden of losing an income, paying for medical expenses and future treatment or medicines can be devastating. If your healthcare injury has affected you or your family financially and you need help, we can arrange the right level of advice and support.

The national debt helpline – 1800 007 007 provides access to free advice with a financial counsellor, resources and education. Anyone in Australia can access this service. Financial counsellors are professionals who work without charge and free of conflicts for people experiencing financial vulnerability or hardship. They work to advise, support and advocate for clients without judgement, based on an empowerment model. They can assist with creditors, and often represent clients with banks, other lenders, utilities, debt collectors, insurers, telcos, councils, and government agencies.
The Helpline can refer you to local financial counselling services, or you can find them directly via the link below.
If you still cannot find what you need, contact us on the form below.

Need support?

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