Fair and coordinated support for Victorians harmed in the healthcare system.

Our Aim

To learn from injured patients and their families, so that we may reduce the burdens of harm and promote patient safety.

We aim to reduce the burden and stigma experienced by injured patients and families.

We will elevate the consumer voice to improve public health awareness and promote change.

We believe the healthcare and medical negligence systems will be safer and fairer when they work together.

We will advocate for legal and structural reform on behalf of injured patients and families.


During the next 12 months, FairCare plans to expand its Board of Directors to include leaders from the healthcare improvement and medical negligence sectors, as well as consumer representatives with relevant lived experience.


Vickie Veitch

Founding Director

From 2013-2017, Vickie managed the statewide collection, review and public reporting of mortality and severe morbidity case data across the Victorian healthcare system. In July 2017, Vickie underwent elective surgery and became a 'case'.

As a result of life-threatening complications, Vickie spent over 3 years needing multiple procedures across four Victorian hospitals. She could not return to the role she loved and suffers ongoing disability, pain, and fatigue. Her precarious journey through the Victorian health and medical negligence systems has compelled her to help others on the same path to justice and financial recovery. Following a long career in nursing, midwifery and patient safety, Vickie does not know how those more vulnerable and less informed than her, cope with the burden of medical litigation without coordinated support.


Nick Mann

Founding Director

Nick is the Founder of Polaris Lawyers Melbourne. When he met Vickie, he had recently established Polaris after heading the Personal Injury Division of one of Australia's largest law firms for four years. He is a well-respected and awarded Principal Lawyer who is passionate about personal injury compensation, disability insurance reform and the use of medical claims data to improve patient safety.

Nick led Vickie's compensation case for 4 years to a successful resolution. When Vickie's story aired on ABC, she called for an end to 'David and Goliath' legal battles and Nick shared the burden experienced by healthcare litigants. Following a strong public response, they decided to work together for fairer, safer and more transparent health and legal systems that aim to learn from each other.


Darryl Veitch


Darryl is Vickie’s husband and a Professor at the University of Technology Sydney.

"Growing up in Victoria, I was accustomed to the idea that our health system is dispassionate in its compassion, that although not perfect it will be rational and open minded, at all times on the side of the patient. As Vickie’s partner throughout the course of her injury and ongoing aftermath, I experienced the system reach a fracture point where it veered radically: from life supporting to no longer trying, from rational, to deaf dumb and denying, from fair cost to take it all. As a scientist, I believe in openly admitting failures, fairness, and efficiency, qualities absent beyond the fracture. As an engineer, I know there are better solutions”.

Advocating your rights.

FairCare Charity Founder, Vickie Veitch describes why she feels compelled to advocate for injured patients and their families.


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